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As scientific studies continue to find further correlations between health and happiness, it is not too much to expect fitness facilities to match the price tag of a five-star hotel. Having a time-worn treadmill or an archaic elliptical in the basement is not enough, nor should it ever be if you are paying a premium on your accommodation. One of the best ways to set your establishment apart is to offer wellness-focused amenities. Take advantage of the seasons with indoor and outdoor options so that you can further appeal to the guest who wants to go for a run in the sunshine or take refuge from the cold with a spin class.

Good intentions don’t burn calories, so here are some fantastic options to inspire you and your team to create better programs to keep your guests fighting fit (and spur them on to highly recommend the holistic, feel-good services that they enjoyed during their last stay).

In-Room Personal Training

When the biggest obstacle to working out is proximity to instruction, it makes sense to eliminate the distance completely. If you can bring the trainer to the client, you are nullifying the pain point here.

Guided Running and Biking Routes

For the more adventurous guests who want to escape the confines of the room, offer the option of a guided run – the ultimate preference for the treadmill-hating crowd who (in most cases) might not know the surrounding area.

When in Rome…Regional Fitness Classes

By offering Muay Thai in Bangkok, Tabata in Tokyo, Belly Dancing in Cairo and Hula Dancing in Maui, you are inviting the guest to further immerse himself in the culture, enriching the travel experience. You can get a spin class anywhere, but what about a traditional Flamenco workout in Andalusia?

Nutritional Options

Having a vegetarian main course is not going to cut it, what with people tracking macronutrients and carbohydrates by the gram. Wellness-focused menus are becoming popular, as are cooking classes that focused on nutrient-dense ingredients. with menu items labelled as super foods, vegan, under 300-calorie items, high protein, and more.

Bring it all together with equipment and apparel rental for the travellers who just don’t have room in their luggage for dumbbells or sneakers.

Traveling puts stress on the body and exercise not only boosts the mood, it stimulates metabolic functions to offset the effects of flying. It’s imperative to prioritise the guest experience when you’re planning your advertising, which is one of the key advantages to working with the team at 80 DAYS. For more about the industry insight you need to drive more people to your site and increase revenue, get in touch.

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80 DAYS Benchmark
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