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5 Innovative Marketing Strategies Used By Airlines

In this digital world, it has become very important to market your business innovatively to attract more customers and for making more sales. This is the case for every industry out there. 

Innovative marketing strategies are important for most of the industries, especially airlines. Without some unique and never seen before marketing tactics, you can’t survive in this competitive world.

People are daily reading news about the flight delays, bad customer service and those significant additional charges. 

If any airline really wants to dominate the industry, then focusing on the right marketing strategies is the primary thing. After knowing these strategies, executing them without any error can take an airline company to the next level. 

In this article, we are going to discuss the five innovative marketing strategies used by airlines. So, let’s have a quick glance at all these strategies. 

1. Create your own loyalty program:

An Airline’s loyalty program can help in reaching new audiences and converting them into potential customers. 

Airlines can create a loyalty program in which they can give customers specific points for free, which they can later use for various trips. 

Due to these reward points, a customer will always travel with that airline company. This strategy can help an airline to increase its customer base as well as to retain its existing customers. 

Along with the loyalty program, offering customers a free seat upgrade, airline meal can enhance the reputation of an airline company.

Airline Marketing Common Mistakes

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If you talk about the other side of the above strategy, then an airline may have to face a lot of challenges in executing this technique. 

But, once you can attract more customers then, there will be cash flow in the business. And this cash flow can help any airline to run a profitable loyalty program. 

What other things that an airline should take care while creating and offering its loyalty program?

  • Be creative and unique.
  • Think about the customer and then, about the profit.
  • Your customer is your business. If an airline can give a better in-flight experience with the reward points, then the customer is going to be with them forever. 

2. Impact:

In any type of marketing, creating an impact on your targeted audience is a must. The worst thing that airlines do is not make a unique place in the customer’s heart. 

So, how should an airline create an impact on the customer?

The answer is by helping society, which then becomes your loyal customer.

American Airlines sends free food samples and packets to the people living near New York City. 

It is evident that people who have read about the work done by American Airlines in New York are going to respect their company, and building this respect is the most crucial part of any marketing campaign.

This respect then turns into trust. 

It is a fact that customers who trust any company will always buy a ticket from it even though that company is charging them additional money. 

So, reach to the people through offline as well as online mode. Share them what you have done and let them know that you are a good company in the business. 

3. Start stunning social media campaigns:

We are living in a world where people spend most of their daily time on social media. 

Facebook, Instagram, YouTube are all major social media platforms that you can use to reach your audience.

Airline Marketing Social Media

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Now, you can start paid advertising on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. With paid ads, you can target people in specific locations. Through these social media platforms, you can get intensely targeted customers. 

But many companies also run paid ads to get customers but, what differentiates any airline company from others?

Customer satisfaction and value for money. 

The value that you offer to your customer is directly proportional to the profit you make. So, an airline can start giving the real value to their customer via these social media sites. 

You may be thinking, what are these values in practical life?

In practice, an airline, can create content on a topic like “what are the things that you should take care during your first flight?” An article written on this topic is helpful for all those who are travelling vial flight for the first time. So, if people read your content then, they are definitely going to book a ticket through you. 

So, sell less and give value more. 

An airline can also create videos and post them on YouTube to create brand awareness. By posting such videos and helpful guides about air travel, the brand value of any airline is going to skyrocket. 

While talking about the advertising, we would like to suggest that stop any promotional campaigns that an airline is running on TVs or radios because those old ad strategies do not work in today’s world. 

4. Focus on the existing customer:

The airline should focus on their customers first. 

Existing customers of the airline are going to benefit the airline companies more than the new customers via mouth publicity. 

So, how to give a better experience to travellers?

The airline can provide entertaining in-flight experience by offering quality means, super-fast internet connection and by allowing users to watch TV shows, movies on flights. 

For rising above all your competitors, you have to give more comfort to your existing users.

Airline Marketing Trends

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There is a tremendously big market of untapped travellers who are currently travelling via your plane. But there is no point in spending money in targeting the audience who might travel via plane. 

A $20 OFF coupon on the next flight can bring you more sales than any other marketing techniques. So, the airline should be committed to retaining their customers.

For example, American Airlines provides discounts, coupons, loyalty programs, and American Airlines promo codes to their existing customers.

Giving more legroom and charging fewer ticket fees is another critical strategy that any company can implement to make their user’s journey easier and comfortable.

Furthermore, if anybody is looking to book their next flight with your favourite airline that too availing some offers on air tickets, visit Faremart which provides different deals and special offers on flight booking, thus, helping you reduce your airfare.

5. Use the power of influencers:

Influencer marketing is currently booming. All major industries are looking at influencer marketing as the best way of getting a better ROI.  

The airlines should also implement effective influencer marketing strategies. There are many benefits of influencer marketing strategy that can help any airline in boosting their business. 

As influencers have millions of fans, people love the things that those influencers promote. Also, due to the extreme trust of the influencers, people are likely to trust you as well.

Airline Marketing Channels

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You can also apply the storytelling formula to increase airlines brand awareness. 

Adding transparency in the airline’s pricing structure and transportation rates is another simple task that airline can do.

What about the hidden fees?

People get annoyed whenever airlines charge them hidden fees. So, avoid any such fees. 

Many people like to travel with their pets, but some airlines don’t allow pets while some have stringent restrictions. 

Due to this, many savvy travellers avoid travelling via such airlines forever. So, having pet-friendly rules and guides can ultimately give you more potential customers. 

Final Words

That ends our list of the five best innovative marketing strategies used by airlines all over the world. 

The airline industry is very competitive nowadays. You just can’t implement regular strategies to reach your customers. 

Thinking unique and studying the customer mindset can be better ways to survive and grow in the airline business. 

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