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360-Degree Multi-Property Management: How To Go About It

Running a chain hotel comes with several challenges. You may have to deal with a higher cost of operations, lack of communication between teams within properties, inefficient centralized control over all the member properties, etc. When not appropriately addressed, they will impact your profitability and guest service capabilities. So what is the resolution? The answer is – a robust technological infrastructure in the form of a comprehensive multi-property hotel property management system. It will help you with a strong management structure that is imperative for a successful multi-property operation.

As always, you have to do thorough research to find a Hotel PMS that would streamline and automate end-to-end processes to help meet the unique requirements of your chain hotel operation. Let’s explore more –

Cloud is the only way out

As a modern hotelier, you know the power of new-age solutions that are built on the cloud. However, here are some critical factors to look at –

  • Low cost of software ownership with zero license fee
  • No need to spend on servers and have an in-house IT team
  • With faster deployment, your property can go live quickly
  • Free software updates
  • Accessible over mobile and web
  • 99.9% application uptime
  • Guaranteed data security

An easy to use system that you can access on the go

Apart from being robust and comprehensive, a cloud hotel property management system should be flexible and easy to use. Post-implementation, you should not spend more to get your staff trained on the application. Plus, you should be able to access the Hotel PMS on your smartphone or via the web using a laptop or tablet, from wherever you want to. This will enable you to keep an eye on your hotel operation/position even when you are not at any of your properties.

Check with your potential Hotel PMS partner if they can help you with a fully functional Mobile PMS. This is a game-changer in many ways. For example, our Mobile Hotel PMS App lets you view KPIs, make data-driven decisions, perform night audits, and speed up housekeeping tasks across all your properties.

Centralized control over chain hotel operations

Single sign-on with centralized control – this should be the core competency of a hotel PMS. See if it comes with a centralized dashboard to manage reservations for all the properties spread across locations. You would also need the application to help you with real-time management of rates and availability between your Central Reservation Office (CRO) and all the group properties. Don’t forget to check if it has this centralized guest history feature to help you access guest profiles from the property level. Plus, it must be able to manage TA/Corporate profile from a central location.

Most importantly, it should empower you to implement group-wide revenue management strategies to increase your earnings. Let me help you save some time searching for a Hotel PMS with all the capabilities mentioned above. Review Hotelogix and you will understand what we are trying to say.

Efficient rate plan management

This will assist you to configure the correct room rates for all your properties based on the performance of your sales channels, demand, occupancy, competitor pricing and seasons, etc. Look at this – Hotelogix hotel software allows you to implement the dynamic pricing strategy to match room rates against the demand by changing room rates daily or hourly. This will help you get more out of your room revenue to optimize overall profitability.

Sell more non-room items

The more POS outlets you have in your hotel, the more you stand to earn. With Hotelogix, you should be able to set up unlimited POS outlets, including – restaurants, F&B outlets, pubs, gyms, spas, and gift shops to earn more non-room revenues. All the bills from across POS outlets get synced with the Hotel PMS.

Other must-have capabilities

As an all-in-one cloud hotel management software, the application you plan to adopt should offer a multitude of other operationally imperative functionalities. These are essential features for you to increase your operational strengths and further enhance your business on all parameters, including room sales via online distribution, online reputation management, and many more.

Online distribution

Selling more rooms is the key to success for any hotel. That’s the reason; the Hotel PMS should be of great use in this context. With a smart Hotel PMS like Hotelogix, you can connect all your properties to multiple OTAs via a channel manager. The integration between the Hotel PMS and channel manager can update room rates, availability, and restrictions on all the connected OTAs in real-time. As a result, you save time by not manually updating information on multiple OTAs while avoiding errors that could lead to overbooking and double booking.

Now, coming to the direct booking part, our Hotel PMS outsmarts others too. Its integration with web/online booking engine turns your hotel website and other social media pages into potential sources to generate more direct bookings. The list of distribution capabilities of our hotel software doesn’t end here. You can sell more through popular GDS platforms and metasearch engines. All these can enhance your market reach across geographies.

Online reputation

This is another vital area of your operations for which you need to rely on an intelligent Hotel PMS like Hotelogix that integrates with a leading online reputation management system. You can collect personalized feedback from your guests and see guest reviews for all your properties written across multiple hotel review/booking sites. Leverage the power of this solution to know your guest sentiment to rectify your errors and offer them better services. Once you give them what they desire from you, they become happy about it and become your brand ambassadors. This, too, assists you in getting more direct bookings.

Group MIS reports

To efficiently manage multiple properties centrally, you would need a treasure trove of data called MIS reports. The hotel management system should be smart enough to capture and present all these data on vital aspects like reservation, registration, cashiering, night audit, guest folio, housekeeping, and many more in just one place. You have to analyze them to make the right decision to boost your sales. This is possible when your Hotel PMS gets integrated with a business intelligence solution.

A final word of counsel

You would need your Hotel PMS in many other aspects to ensure efficient multi-property management. Guest accounting, night audit, banquet & event management, material management, financial accounting management, food & beverage costing, and maintenance management – you need to achieve flawless execution of all these aspects. And only a tried and trusted enterprise-grade Hotel PMS like Hotelogix could come to your rescue. Now when you are sorted with your online distribution, reputation, and operational automation, you get to see what you have been waiting for – instant ROI.

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