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Here Are A Few Reasons To Choose Hotelogix As Your Hospitality Technology Partner

We will get to the point directly. According to the 2022 Hotel Technology Survey conducted by and Benchmark Research Partners, about 45% – 50% of hoteliers believe that technology providers don’t understand their needs. As a globally leading hospitality technology provider, this was quite a discovery for us. After all, technology is the only saviour for hotels of all sizes in today’s rapidly evolving business dynamics and guest expectations.

If, as a hotelier, you, too, have faced the issue mentioned above, you now need to stop worrying. Because we want you to know that you are not alone in your quest to leverage the power of technology. We have been standing with thousands of hoteliers like you for over a decade, and we will continue doing the same in the future.

This is how we take care of independent hotels’ technology needs.

If you are running an independent property, we know your objective is to fill all your rooms, sell at the best rate, and serve guests better. But then there are a few challenges weighing you down – disparate solutions from multiple vendors, lack of integration among those solutions, a high total cost of ownership, and inefficient online distribution. Moreover, without having enough staff for each department, you need technology that automates processes minus overheads in administration and support. Most importantly, you want simple yet powerful solutions to keep IT costs low, right?

Well, we got you covered here

To address the issues mentioned above, you need an All-In-One Solution. It should come with a Hotel PMS, Mobile PMS App, Guest Service App, Point of Sale, Channel Manager, Internet Booking Engine, and Revenue Management System.

Benefits that you are sure to see

First, you will no longer have to deal with several technology vendors as the All-In-One Solution provides everything you need. Second, system  integration issues will disappear with a real-time, two-way data flow between them. Third, you will save costs as you can use it with subscription-based pricing, plus you don’t have to spend a fortune on setting up servers and IT teams.

Here are a few more benefits

Automated operations

While Hotel PMS will streamline operations to reduce errors and save time, the Mobile PMS App will allow you and your staff to execute tasks on the go. The Point of Sale will help you manage room service, F&B operations, gift shops, travel desks, etc.

Improved online sales

With seamless integration between the Hotel PMS and the Channel Manager, you can update inventory and rates across all the sales channels (OTAs) in real time. While this will help you get more bookings via OTAs, you can do away with overbookings and double bookings. The Internet Booking Engine will also get you more direct bookings via your website and Facebook pages.

Increased revenues

This is the most critical aspect, right? The Revenue Management System will continuously monitor several vital factors, including your availability, occupancy, local demand, guest segments, and competition rates, to automatically suggest the best rate.

Enhanced guest experience

With a Guest Service App, you can offer your guests contactless and faster check-in/out services. You can allow them to raise service requests through the app and let your staff track their status in real time for timely completion.

Now it’s time to focus on hotel groups

Here too, we will get to the point without much fanfare. It is a known fact in the hospitality tech field that we offer the industry-first multi-property management system on the cloud. Because we understand that hotel groups need something comprehensive yet easy-to-use to run their operations with efficient centralised control.

With our multi-property management system, you can:

  • Gain centralised control over group operations
  • Monitor all properties from the central office
  • Manage reservations from your central call centre
  • Handle travel agent and corporate profiles centrally
  • Manage inventory and rates in real-time
  • Access group-wide business-critical reports
  • Obtain access to central guest history

Not only this, but you will also get to use some of our other products trusted by 250+ hotel groups. Be it our Mobile Hotel App, channel manager, or revenue management tool, everything will help you operate efficiently and profitably.

Here is another testament to what we have been saying since the beginning of this copy – we have successfully implemented the most extensive multi-property deployment of 50000+ rooms to manage accommodations across 500+ properties under a single group. As part of this one-of-a-kind 100% remote-only deployment, we have trained 5000+ hotel staff entirely online.

So the point we are trying to make here is – we understand your needs, and it reflects in what we have done so far. Be it an independent property or hotel group, our approach remains the same and simple – providing the best-in-class hospitality technology solutions to drive growth.

Try us once and see the difference.

Request for a demo now.

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