How Upselling Can Enhance Guest Satisfaction And Maximise Revenue

Upsell to Hotel Guests

Upselling done right is a great way to increase guest satisfaction and maximise revenue for your property. We tell you the differences between upselling and cross-selling, and give you some tips on how you can utilise these for your property.

The Difference: Upselling and Cross-Selling

Upselling and cross-selling tend to be used interchangeably. Up selling is selling a more expensive version of the product or service the guest is already buying, e.g. a room upgrade. While cross-selling is selling a supplementary product or service to complement the existing product or service the guest is already purchasing, e.g. tours or activities. Both result in your customer getting more value from your property, and in return your property earning more loyalty and revenue. We will be referring to both methods as up selling for the purpose of this article.

How Should You Approach Upselling?

Focus on enhancing your guest’s stay. Strengthening your relationship with the guest is the primary goal. Achieving that will increase your revenue generated naturally.

Propose relevant offers throughout your guest’s stay. You can offer additional products and services from pre-check in, at check-in, during their stay, at check out, and post-stay.

Use guest profile data; listen to them and be intuitive about their needs. If you know your guest, you can upsell to personalise their stay. Suggest products or services that offer value to your guests in relation to their stay at your property.

Offer a service at a special rate. Offering a service that the guest wouldn’t have normally bought at full price is another great way to upsell. Offer breakfast for $19 instead of the usual $29, guests are more likely to take an offer when they can see the savings they receive. This also provides the opportunity for you to build on guest rapport.

Upsell to returning guests. It is always easier to upsell to an existing customer. This is because they have experienced your service or product, and see the value in the upgrade or additional product.

Make sure customer success is your priority. Demonstrate the increased value your guest can have by using a premium or additional product or service you offer. You want them to feel like they’re benefitting from the exchange.

Upselling doesn’t only mean increased revenue. You can increase customer satisfaction and loyalty through the service you provide during these upsells or cross-sells. Upselling also provides guest data for future personalisation, and increases the use of property amenities. Creating that enhanced guest experience is sure to benefit your direct bookings!

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80 DAYS Benchmark