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Transcreation Can Say More Than Translation Alone

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Translation services merely copy your message into other languages. There’s little finesse or insight. While individual translators are limited to their professional backgrounds, neural or computer-generated systems cannot capture a living sensibility and can even distort your message with unintended meaning. A transcreation language service provider (LSP) like IPPWORLD does not miss those marks.

For example, a hotel’s “cheap room offers” in one language may be translated with a negative connotation in another language. The word “cheap” means different things to travellers of different nationalities. Only an experienced hospitality transcreation team knows how to make essential changes so that your message isn’t insulting or gets “lost in translation”.

Because translation alone fails in content marketing

Translation services have a long history of failure. Translating literally, word-for-word often produces unintended results. It’s a flawed approach. Furthermore, solo practitioners cannot handle multiple languages or project management.

On the other hand, corporate LSPs that serve broad-based business sectors or rely heavily on software technology are less likely to maintain your branding message. They cannot appreciate the nuances expected of discerning hotel guests. Instead, their campaign falls flat, failing to deliver that important call-to-action.

International transcreation provides the answer

To plunge into sophisticated tourism, hospitality or lifestyle marketing, your message must immediately appeal and resonate with your target readers, no matter what the language. That’s only possible through transcreation done by experts who know how, professionals who understand your message as well as your audience — something that machines, robotics or a translator working alone simply cannot emulate.

A boutique transcreation LSP like IPPWORLD, however, offers multiple language, bilingual editorial teams, serving a broad range of hospitality and lifestyle industries — to meet your many and varied needs.

How transcreation works in the international marketplace

Transcreation is translation with a knowledgeable and creative spin. With transcreation, your message isn’t just translated; it’s transformed to hit the right notes in every language. Only a hospitality transcreation service provider that understands your particular sector and target audience can assure you that complex or colloquial messages are equally adapted into other languages in the proper context.

Without context, without the right words, and an innate cultural understanding of the audience, your content marketing or branding efforts risk failure in the international marketplace. Transcreation secures the critical personal touch to woo customers and to entrench your brand in multiple markets.

Industry specialisation makes the difference

LSPs serving multiple industries’ needs cannot be everything to everybody. It’s inevitable that the transcreation service becomes just another add-on package that loses its personal touch and the critical subject element.

You need trusted hospitality transcreation service providers — professionals who are dedicated to hospitality clients to do the job right every time. Whether you’re pushing your message through social media, email, website, print, radio or broadcast television, IPPWORLD provides its unique expertise and experience to help you internationalize your marketing-speak in the right tone of voice and message clarity, which is more than what translation alone can say.

For the global travel, leisure and hospitality industries

IPPWORLD focuses on these industries because that’s where their background and strengths lie. They developed their expertise from more than 20 years of collaborating with global creative media agencies serving businesses in the travel, leisure, and hospitality sectors.

Your focus is to put guests in your properties, fill your tours or sell your goods and services. Those goals can only succeed through a dedicated hospitality transcreation team, that takes great pains to understand your particular brand and the audience you’re trying to reach. Your global messaging has to be perfect. Don’t take risks just when you’re ready to grow beyond your borders; engage in the international marketplace with confidence, with messages that entice and inspire … in every language.

80 DAYS Benchmark
80 DAYS Benchmark
As a LSP (language service provider), IPPWORLD helps hospitality, travel and lifestyle brands and businesses go global with transcreation expertise. Transcreation — creative translation — provided by IPPWORLD delivers end-to-end management of localized, contextualized content for your website, as well as brand and marketing campaigns. Transcreation into multiple global languages drives conversions, grows revenue and builds brand loyalty. With full-fledged offices in Singapore, Shanghai and Mauritius, as well as associates around the world, IPPWORLD is always available.