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Since 2014, writings have always been on the wall – the unstoppable growth in Chinese outbound travellers. While the UNWTO even organized a Workshop in January 2018 on “Chinese Outbound Tourism Market”.

A report in November by Travel Weekly Asia cited that Chinese outbound travel will more than double in the next decade, surpassing the US.

While a more recent survey by The Trade Desk working with Forbes found that 80% of Chief Marketing Officers will increase ad spending in China over the next 18 months. These are mostly global brands drawn by the unprecedented rise in Chinese Middle Class – over 550 million new generation spenders by mid-2020s.

But many CMOs admitted they lack local knowledge on marketing in China.

If you are looking for ways to connect with millions of Chinese outbound travellers, download our most recent and comprehensive White Paper: “An Insider’s Perspective on Marketing to China’s Outbound Travel Market”.

Whitepaper ChinaThis is a MUST-READ guide for global marketers:

  • Real-life experiences from an insider’s perspective,
  • Evolution of the Chinese travellers,
  • China as a mobile-first nation,
  • In-depth references and analyses on the pitfalls and sustainable marketing,
  • Programmatic Push-Pull ad marketing strategy,
  • What marketers must know about Chinese travellers,
  • How hoteliers can be better at welcoming their Chinese guests,
  • And so much more…

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80 DAYS Benchmark
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