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IPPWORLD Launch Transcreation Packages To Help Hotels Engage With Chinese Travellers

Planning on marketing to China’s outbound travellers? … checked.

Having a Chinese website up and running? Errr … not quite.

Flounder no further!

IPPWORLD has a range of ‘Packages’ and ‘Bundles’ specially configured to help businesses in the hotel and tourism industry gain a head start in winning the attention of travellers from China.

As a specialist in Transcreation (Creative Translation) and Website Content Localization, IPPWORLD knows what it takes to assist brands create content that drives engagement and higher conversions with their Chinese outbound travellers.

We offer end-to-end solutions for cross-language complexities, as well as aligning localised content in Chinese, to suit the client’s brand-speak, tone-of-voice and corporate identity.

Now, we want to extend this dedicated support for your business!

To help you enhance your branding and marketing efforts in China, we have content development packages and bundles catering to various projects’ extent and objectives.

With over 150 million international departures recorded in 2018, China will continue to maintain its leading role in global tourism. The Mckinsey Report estimated a 5.4% p.a. growth and forecasted a total spend of $315 billion by end-2020.

For businesses eyeing a slice of the Chinese outbound travellers’ market, the key to being part of their planning and decision-making for their next holiday getaway, is to provide reader-friendly content – in their preferred native language (Chinese).

Understandably, if customers cannot read or understand what you’re offering, they are less likely to buy. The age-old adage in consumer marketing.

Indeed, there is no better time than now… to start building and growing your brand awareness in the world’s largest source market of outbound travellers.

Range of Package Services – Available for transcreation (creative translation) from English into Chinese, for minimal content of a microsite or for a full-scale website. Packages are from as low as $900 and can be completed around a week’s timeframe.

Range of Bundle Services – Encompassing end-to-end English into Chinese transcreation as well as integration of Chinese content into CMS, till the localised website version is ready for live publish. Bundled services for websites are from as low as $1,300 and can be completed around a 1.5 week’s timeframe.

Heard of the saying…. “Time waits for no brand?”.

For more information please contact Joanne Chan ( or drop an email to



As a Language Service Provider, IPPWORLD ( assists travel, hospitality and lifestyle establishments enhance their engagement strategy in global markets. We provide end-to-end Multilingual Localization and Transcreation (creative translation) solutions for website content and online booking information. Transcreation encourages higher readership amongst native-language speaking communities, helps drive conversions, grows revenue and builds brand loyalty. To understand how you can connect with your global audience through transcreation, drop us a mail at, or connect with Joanne Chan on Linkedin.

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