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Using Digital In-Room Tablets to Increase Guest Satisfaction at Your Hotel

There can be no doubt that the current pandemic has put all hoteliers under considerable emotional and financial strain. While the pandemic rages on, they need to look for innovative ways to achieve revenue streams that keep them afloat. In addition, hoteliers need to think about how best to attack the market once the pandemic is over and life as we once knew it slowly but surely returns to normal. Achieving strong guest satisfaction is an assured way to achieve higher revenue streams when guest numbers are low and it will help boost trade once you can fully open up your business again. But how do you drive guest satisfaction at a time when the whole hospitality industry is put on hold? That’s simple: By using digital technology—more specifically, in-room tablets.

Why is guest satisfaction so important for hotel businesses?

Guest satisfaction is one of the most important factors for any successful business. Hotels are no exception. Guest satisfaction determines whether guests are willing to return, increasing revenue for your establishment. Satisfied guests are more likely to return, and returning guests are more likely to make full use of your hotel’s outlets such as restaurants, on-site spa treatments, or recreational activities booked through in-house operators. As you well know, any activities or services booked directly through the hotel’s internal channels generate much more revenue than via third-party channels. Cutting out the middle man leaves you with higher profit margins while enabling you the flexibility to offer guests the best service—you can adapt your offerings to guests’ needs while providing them great value for money.

Aside from the financial benefits, guest satisfaction also drives organic customer interest. People are much more likely to stay at a hotel that has been recommended to them by a friend, which means satisfied guests become brand ambassadors that spread the word about your hotel. Before the digital age, you might have expected a couple of new bookings per month from word of mouth recommendations, but in the age of the internet, satisfying the right guest or customer can have a huge impact. Anyone with significant reach such as an Instagram influencer or simply someone which a high online presence or engagement could unwittingly boost your business.

The flip side is, of course, that if you leave customers dissatisfied, you will feel the repercussions even harder than before the influence of digital media. This is another major reason why you should ensure that every single customer that walks through your door leaves feeling satisfied. But how exactly do you leave customers leaving with a smile on their face and wanting to come back for more? Especially when you need to limit the distance between your service staff and guests? This is where digital in-room tablets come in.

Using digital in-room tablets to boost guest satisfaction at your hotel

In-room tablets might sound like an expensive indulgence, but as the hotel industry becomes increasingly more digitized, they’ve become an integral part of modern hotel business and marketing strategies. They’re also nowhere near as pricy as they once were, and most models now focus on delivering a positive ROI as a key selling-point because this a major requirement for any modern hotel, especially in the current climate.

In-room tablets enable you to provide a more streamlined, personalized, and modern service for your guests. Providing digital means to order room service, book spa treatments, and access useful information about the local area at the touch of a button is a great way to drive guest satisfaction. This is particularly useful for guests that are used to using digital technology on a day to day basis.

In addition to providing a modern service, in-room tablets allow guests to leave comments, provide feedback, and make requests directly to the hotel. Rather than waiting for negative comments to be posted on third party sites such as TripAdvisor or, wouldn’t you rather your guests contact you directly while they’re still in your establishment so you can remedy the problem if possible? In-room tablets offer guests a platform where they can leave this kind of feedback in a discreet and easy to use way.

So, you may be thinking, “well wouldn’t my guests just tell me if something was wrong”? The answer is, no. Most of us don’t like confrontation. In fact, review sites such as TripAdvisor and encourage guests to keep their negative comments to themselves until they leave by providing a platform for complaining. Rather than scrambling to solve the issues guests have, you could send a simple daily push notification to guests’ in-room tablets. This would enable them to have the problem sorted straight away so that by the time they leave, they’ve forgotten any issues they may have faced and felt fully satisfied.

This is the magic of in-room tablets that really cannot be offered by any other solution.

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