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How New Technology Can Improve Communications with Hotel Guests

The hospitality industry will always be about people, at least for the immediate future. When it comes to the world of guest communication, nothing can make a customer feel more confident following up a hotel’s activities than having a face-to-face interaction with an in-person agent. However, it is nearly impossible to provide exclusive guest service without suitable and supportive equipment of different technologies nowadays.

This is because of the prevailing labor conditions and increased customer expectations for speedy service delivery. Therefore, it implies that one should speed up or automate hotel services to focus on its guest’s needs ultimately. This article discusses the various ways new technology can improve communications with hotel guests.

1. Promoting cross-departmental integration

The new technology has made servicing in hotels pretty fast due to the efficient integration of different departments. You can never allow any request to get congested due to a lack of apt communication between other platforms. This ensures improved team efficiency, at the same time reducing errors and maximizing personalization. For all these to happen without glitches, the hotels’ customer service representatives should pass the necessary information to other departments, such as maintenance, quickly.

2. Facilitating instantaneous response

Operating remotely is a current trend that the hospitality industry cannot tend to ignore. It is every customer’s desire and expectation to get immediate feedback to hotel guest queries. The good thing is that the new technology can easily route all the messages on reception to a single dashboard.

By doing so, different hotel team members can respond to their customer’s inquiries right from their room or anywhere on the hotel property. Similarly, hotel guests can get help at any time of the day or night.

3. Creation of personalized hotel apps

Improved technology provides hotel owners an easy way to surprise and delight their guests by providing them everything they need right on their phones. A customized hotel guest app may carry all the essential features to make the guest’s stay pleasing and memorable. It may feature maps, detailed directions, Wi-Fi connectivity, and recommendations to unique places to visit.

Additionally, the app may have how-to video illustrations, hotel menus, spa treatments, among many other services. Besides, such a concierge app can provide the best platform for hoteliers to advertise all their services, promotions, events, and amenities, thereby earning more income.

Plus, the app can support different services or add-on features for hotel guests to make their bookings straight through the app. What’s more, customers can download the hotel’s app and communicate with the hoteliers through WhatsApp, SMS, Twitter, Facebook messenger, and many other suitable platforms. Get your customized guest hotel app designed by renowned hotel tech companies to give your guests everything at their ultimate convenience.

4. Mobilizing location-based push notices

Advanced technology such as geolocation allows hoteliers to easily send push notifications to specific guests in case of last-minute offers. Other than that, the messages can help advertise and promote special events or even alert residents regarding unique offers on-property. This, in turn, increases customer base and even retention as well as local interaction.

5. Allowing easy chatting with the concierge

With an in-built messaging app, the hotel’s revenue can incredibly increase. It is engineered to provide a flawless communication channel between the hoteliers and their customers. Therefore, they can easily catch customers’ attention and engage them by asking questions about any product or service.

The biggest pro is that you can quickly and immediately respond to the guest’s needs, making it the timely, efficient, and best way of upselling services. If a guest wants to make a complaint or ask for a late check-out, in-app messages can incredibly facilitate all that.

Moreover, chatbots and artificial intelligence programs have continued to take an ideal hotel industry position. Such programs have been devised to collect all the necessary queries asked by hotel guests to enable agents on duty to attend to them and focus on those headier requests.

6. Necessitate in-room ordering platform

One of the trends that helps hoteliers provide their guests with everything in their rooms is in-room ordering. With suitable technology, hotel guests can place orders on their favorite foods and beverages, which are then brought to them with ultimate ease. This not only enhances better communication on-hotel property but also increases revenue. If the guests get satisfied with in-room ordering services, you can be sure that they can extend their stay and even come back.

7. Providing survey sheets

The latest technological advancements have made it possible for hoteliers to understand the levels of satisfaction their services were. Initially, it would not be possible to tell if the guests’ stay at the hotel premises was satisfying or not. Nowadays, technology has made it easier for hoteliers to make follow-ups and try to understand what their guests feel and think about the services rendered.

Even if your guests didn’t have the best experience after their first night’s stay, you could easily change their minds. You can do so by sending them survey forms after check-in or at the end of their first night to give reviews and ratings of the services rendered to them.

As a result, it is easier to detect negative reviews early enough. Therefore, viable solutions can be identified and formulated to rectify the hitches before they leave. By doing so, hoteliers can improve the quality of services offered and create a good reputation for the business, increasing income rates.

Final Words

For the past decade, new technological advancements have been incredibly experienced in the hospitality industry. The primary sector that has significantly been touched is the hotel guest communication sector. For instance, there has been effective service delivery, including remarkable add-on features for smooth operations.

If you have not yet budgeted for these great platforms, now is the time. Be sure to use our seven ways above to help you understand what good the new technology can bring to your hotel. Do you want to fully enjoy the benefits the latest technological advancements bring to the hospitality industry? If yes, it is critical to choose reputable hotel tech companies that will deliver up-to-date software to run your hotel business and increase your earnings.


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