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How To Choose A Channel Manager For Your Hotel In 2023

With international travel heating back up, and the prospect of returning Chinese tourism, 2023 promises to be the most successful year for travel since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

It’s never been more important for hoteliers to get on top of their distribution and revenue strategies by using integrated technology solutions – especially given how crucial it is to ease pressure on staff, save time, and meet changing guest expectations.

A channel manager is a vital piece of the puzzle, since it uses automation and real-time data to reduce manual tasks, cut down on overbookings, increase your online visibility and sell more rooms, and gain access to key performance insights. 

Not only will it allow you to manage your listings on OTAs, but it can help drive and manage direct bookings via the billboard effect and your website’s booking engine.

Features to look for in a top channel manager

It’s important to keep in mind the specific requirements for your business when choosing a channel manager, but generally a best in class solution will give you:

  • Vast channel connections to support the booking partners you already connect to and others that you want to use to expand your reach.
  • Deep system integrations so you can seamlessly manage all your daily operations from one place and utilise the ecosystem to drive more conversions and revenue.
  • Key reporting functions that allow you to track business performance and make strategic, real-time, adjustments.
  • Easy inventory management that enables you to list every room on every channel, with automatic updates and reduced risk of double bookings.

Of course, it’s not just about features and functionality. You also need to be sure your provider will give you adequate support, resources, and security to ensure the ongoing success of your hotel.

With all of these bases covered you can be confident in the growth of your business and make better use of time to attend to guests and make long-term plans.

What’s the best channel manager in 2023?

The industry’s only data-driven awards platform, HotelTechAwards, presented SiteMinder with the #1 Best Channel Manager prize for 2022, making it the leading channel manager for the fourth year running. SiteMinder was also #1 in the Hotelier’s Choice Award.

SiteMinder’s powerful channel manager gives hotels access to more than 450 distribution channels, including the GDS. It’s also supported by hundreds of integrations, including the industry’s leading PMSs, hotel apps, booking engines, CRSs, and RMSs.

Globally recognised by more than 35,000 customers as being a simple, sophisticated, and highly valuable solution, SiteMinder makes the perfect choice for hoteliers this year.

Interested in learning more? Take a free trial of SiteMinder’s channel manager or visit the website here.

Grow hotel revenue with SiteMinder software for independents and multi-property groups: channel manager, booking engine, PMS integrations, demand plus and more.

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