The 200,000 USD Hotel Business Transformation Program by Daniel Diosi & Partners


International hotel management consulting group Daniel Diosi & Partners has recently introduced a 24-month, $200,000 business transformation program. The program promises to elevate average hotel businesses to iconic, market leading status – helping hotels and resorts to break out from the commodity status and the price / location competition. 

The group features an impressive lineup of recognized industry experts, such as Alessandro Crotti, former revenue management expert at WorldHotels, Miles Noble of Altitude, the company behind IHG websites or Thuy Trang social media talent from Accor Hotels.

Daniel Diosi & Partners

Purpose of program

The purpose of the 24-month program is to transform new or average hotel businesses into highly profitable, market leading brands. Popular brands enjoy increased demand and can charge higher than average room rates. Inspired by proven and tested practices of successful international hotel chains, the group offers a tailor made project plan with full service implementation.

The program is an excellent alternative to replace cluttered, mostly inefficient in-house business development efforts with carefully planned and executed set of activities.

Project management

Based on the initial conversations and assessments, hotel management teams will receive a tailor made brand development strategy, alongside with a detailed project plan. The project plan will specify all activities, KPIs, costing and estimated financial returns in a monthly breakdown.

During the time of the cooperation, Daniel Diosi will lead the project and manage the team of specialized experts, involved as 3rd party contractors. Offering one point of contact and full service project management, the program saves significant time on communication, and makes the implementation process feel effortless for the hotel management.

Business Development Program

Investment and return

Clients who successfully went through the transformation program have been investing in the range of  $200,000 to $300,000 (USD) in a 24-months period, between $8,000-$12,000 monthly. This investment includes marketing spend, software subscriptions and service fees paid for project management and to the expert contractors.

Besides brand building and marketing activities, the program suggests using 30% of the monthly investment to run purely revenue focused digital campaigns to generate additional revenue that covers the other 70% – which is brand building and business development investment.

In plain English, this means that the program will generate more than enough revenue – a lot more in fact – to keep funding it for 24 months and generate decent profits during the development process.

Investment & Return

80 DAYS Benchmark
80 DAYS Benchmark