Hotel Management: Building a Relationship with Your Staff

Hotel Management

Without a doubt, it can be challenging to move a company forward — especially as a hotelier — if everyone is not on the same page. If even one member of the staff is unhappy, or worse, disgruntled, it can cause ripples in what should be a calm and comforting workplace environment. Even for those working from home, having unhappy staff members can be felt from miles away, which causes gossip and all sorts of issues in productivity and efficiency.

That said, much of employee dissatisfaction can be traced to how a hotelier handles their staff. Whether it is in a hotel, office, or restaurant environment, many issues tend to remain the same — which means the solutions are also similar. Here are some ways to help you build a relationship with your staff, ensuring that your company is moving in the right direction.

On the topic of incentives

Undoubtedly, employees have responsibilities they need to uphold to ensure that they keep working in a hotel. However, what of those doing the bare minimum compared to those doing their best? Are they earning the same salary? If a staff member works as hard as they possibly can, is there no acknowledgment?

It would be unfair to the hard worker who consistently does their best but only earns as much as the one that seems to skate by doing only the bare minimum. Employee incentives are there to help ensure that those who work hard get their fair share, while those who only go for the bare minimum still get paid, but they don’t qualify for the incentives. It gives employees a chance to decide for themselves if they want to go the extra mile.

Working in a stable company

It can be challenging to work in a company where you never know what’s going to happen next. While employees work for a business to earn, they also want security. To help the hotel feel as secure as possible, ensure that you take the right steps to future-proof your company. For example, having only the bare minimum (a recurring and unfortunate theme) of insurance is a one-way ticket to disaster. Ensure that you not only have workers comp coverage, but a clear understanding of why it’s important, and the help of a quality insurance provider.

Make things as accessible as possible for your employees

Last but certainly not least, it would be a good idea to look into all of the things that could make it easier for your employees to work and ease much of the burden as a hotelier. It is quite similar to restaurants making use of automated systems to ensure that their staff never has to manually take orders and write them down on paper. The method works, but when the rush hour comes, things will quickly get confusing. For most companies, it involves the use of business software to help streamline tasks.

Building a relationship with your employees is vital if you intend to realize the company’s true potential. Otherwise, the employees will end up becoming a liability rather than an asset — and there’ll be no one but the company owner to blame.

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