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The Rising Importance Of Guest-Centric Hotel Technology

Let’s get onto the topic straight away – how the hospitality industry looks at various hotel technology solutions to improve the guest experience. During the last one or two years, this trend of guest service with innovative applications has gathered more momentum as hotels vied to survive while attracting more guests in an uncertain business environment. Moreover, today’s guests are also becoming extremely demanding, wanting more value.

This blog will explore more about what guests want and how hotels respond to their needs. Mostly, we will try to draw a parallel here and understand how positive and enthusiastic hotels across the globe are about incorporating newer hotel technology solutions to enhance the quality of their offerings.  For this, we will take a cue from HT’s Customer Engagement Study and Lodging Technology Study concluded in 2021.

Services Percentage of guests rating these technology features Percentage of hotels either currently offering or planning to add these functionalities
Mobile Reservation 53% 96%
Mobile check-in/out 47% 82%
Mobile room key 40% 76%
Communicating with hotel staff via mobile device 36% 84%
Contactless payment 47% 90%
Ability to use own mobile devices to control room amenities 34% 56%

Looking at the statistics mentioned above, it is evident that hotels’ preparedness is commendable when offering guests what they want. They are making honest efforts to exceed their guests’ expectations on every parameter.

The role of a hotel management system

In understanding guests’ needs

Talking about hotel technology and its impact on guest experience, how can we forget the importance of a hotel management system? Also referred to as a Hotel PMS, this hospitality technology solution can help you understand your guests’ preferences to serve them better. Here is what we are trying to say – for 44% of guests, it is imperative that you better offer them customized services based on their purchase history. If you fail to accomplish this, the chances are high that they will select another property over yours.

But then, with a cloud-based multi-property solution like Hotelogix, you will never have to worry about a situation where you fail to comprehend your guests’ needs. You can leverage the power of our centralized guest history functionality to know their likes and dislikes in terms of room selection, food and beverage, and many more. For example, Smith stayed at one of your properties last year, selected a sea-facing room, ordered continental food, and single-malt whisky. All this information is now captured and stored in the Hotel PMS. This year, when he comes back either to the exact property or chooses to go to another property of your group, you can quickly look up his past preferences and offer the same experience, even before he asks for them, leading to his enhanced delight. Now, don’t you think it’s a great way to earn guests’ loyalty?

In keeping guests’ safe

Numerous studies indicate that guests have become highly health-conscious due to the ongoing pandemic. They want to avoid common physical touchpoints to stay safe. And as an accommodation provider, it is your responsibility to implement whatever it takes to ensure their safety. Here too, a cloud hotel software like Hotelogix can empower you in many ways.

Once the reservation is made, the guest will receive a link from the Hotel PMS. This will enable the guest to finish all the pre-check-in formalities, including updating personal identification documents and selecting rooms. Next comes checking in via their smartphones. It makes the whole process a breeze as it saves a significant amount of time for the guest by not making them waste much time near the front desk.

Then comes the self-service aspect. The guest can even raise service requests during the stay via the smartphone. Finally, the guest can initiate the check-out process by clicking the self-checkout button. This prompts a screen to appear with a detailed breakdown of the outstanding bills. The guest needs to clear all the dues via the integrated payment services. That’s it. The contactless check-out process is over.

What is your next step?

So, let us ask you a question. What kind of hotelier are you? Are you the one mentioned above willing to invest in hospitality technology solutions to enhance the guest experience? If yes, get in touch with us now. We will help you take the first concrete step towards achieving your goal with our Hotel PMS.

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