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Agile Marketing Hotels

4 Agile marketing ideas for hotels

As hoteliers, we have become experts at reacting to last minute business needs to maximise profitability. The empty room is a missed opportunity, so...
Hotel Parity

The 4 Essential Hotel Parities – Rates, Content, Rooms & Market

Consult and you'll find that parity is defined with words like 'equality' and 'equivalence'. Ask a hotel professional what 'parity' means to them...
Best Incentives Hotels

What perks should you offer to encourage direct bookings?

As we all know, hotels and OTAs have an ongoing love-hate relationship regarding bookings. OTAs can drive anywhere up to 20% or more of...
Google Hotel Review Dashboard

Use Google’s Reviews Dashboard to manage your hotels online reputation

A recent TripAdvisor TripBarometer report re-highlights the importance of online reviews in the purchasing behaviours of online travellers; 93% of travellers worldwide say online...
Hotel Social Media

The Value of Social Media Infographic (Shire Hotels)

It would be a brave hotelier that hasn't embraced social media in this day and age. Shire Hotels haven't just embraced social at a...
Reducing OTA Dependency Hotels

Strategies to reduce dependency on OTAs

The hospitality digital landscape is beyond saturated and very much a buyers market. OTAs (Online Travel Agencies) and travel meta search engines are extremely...
Hotel Jargon Terminology

Hotel Jargon Buster

Don't know your ADRs from your FITs? Don't worry, you're not alone. This handy A to Z hotel jargon buster will help get you...
Using Urgency Hotel Conversion

7 ways to increase conversion using urgency

Creating urgency is a widely employed conversion tactic in eCommerce and yet, on the whole, seemingly underutilised in hospitality and travel. The potential to...
TripAdvisor TripBarometer

Helping hotels interpret TripAdvisor TripBarometer

Travel website TripAdvisor has surveyed over 35,000 travellers and accommodation owners from around the world to compile the TripAdvisor TripBarometer report – a fantastic tool for...