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Satisfy Travel – Your Hotel Services Have Never Been So Accessible to Guests as They are Now

Undoubtedly every hotelier is thinking about how to sell more paid hotel services, thereby increasing the profitability of their business. Thanks to a brand new online service – Satisfy Travel, guests can order hotel services through a mobile application, without visiting the reception and overcoming any language barriers! Satisfy Travel offers the most complete information about guest services, including paid ones, thereby increasing your profit, and helping to establish communication between the staff and guests. Let’s talk about the advantages for hoteliers.

Satisfy Travel – a New Solution in the Hotel Business

The hotel business does not stand still – high competition encourages hoteliers to optimize service standards and offer guests new solutions. More and more hotels are using digital in their work, because in the 21st century and the age of the connected guest it is becoming more and more difficult to do without information technology.

That is why Satisfy Travel service was created for hoteliers. With the mobile application, it is even easier to be one step ahead of the competitors, because online guest service is carried out at a brand new level.


How Does Satisfy Travel Work?

  1. The guest orders through the mobile app any of the available hotel services, including paid ones.
  2. The hotel employee in his/her mobile app receives a notification of the ordered service and notes its implementation.
  3. The administrator sees the whole process on a web monitor, can contact the guest via chat and manages the staff. The automatic translator allows staff and guests to chat in any language.

Simplification of Tourist and Hotel Communication

Satisfy Travel is not a booking system or CRM. The service does not interfere in the internal processes of managing the hotel and its finances; it does not store personal data of users.

The application simplifies the process of providing services to guests, making it extremely convenient. In turn, hoteliers using the service can achieve many goals:

  1. Increase sales of paid hotel services;
  2. Increase the reputation of the hotel;
  3. Increase the number of positive reviews;
  4. Control the work of staff;
  5. Unload administrators at the reception;
  6. Simplify the process of communication with guests.

Hoteliers will appreciate the use of the service because of the attractive cost and flexible settings. The service works worldwide and is available in 10 languages.

Read the full description of the Satisfy Travel service:

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