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Why Video Is Crucial For Your Hotel’s Success

You might have intended it or not, but chances are you watched a video online today. Videos are undoubtedly becoming important in businesses in this age and for a good reason. Stats show that in every 10 companies, nearly 9 utilize video marketing as a tool in promoting their business. Around 76% of B2C marketers use this content type in reaching out to customers and it’s proven to be an effective communication method.

Should your hotel also use videos? YES! As of today, it is the most sought-after content type online and the trend is only starting. If your marketing strategy doesn’t include videos, now is the time to change that. If you’re not convinced yet, here are some of the reasons why video is crucial for your hotel’s success.

1.    Travelers Watch Video Throughout the Decision-Making Process

In this age of the Internet, people often go online to find information on what they need. They do the same thing when they need to decide something, including where to travel. They can read the text that describes your hotel and the surrounding places, but don’t you think it will be more convincing if you show it to them? That’s right! You can speed up a traveler’s decision-making process if you show them why your hotel is an ideal accommodation. It will save you from a lot of marketing.

2.    Video is Easy to Digest

Compared to text, we are more likely to remember content if they include images and videos. It is easier to consume this way, which means your potential guests can hear your message better if it is done in videos. At the same time, beautiful scenery doesn’t fail to attract a person. A good example would be Banyan Tree’s experiential marketing technique. Their video marketing proposal shows how the hotel’s facilities are pleasantly unique and relaxing, which effectively captures the attention of their customers.

3.    Videos Nurture Emotional Connection

As a business in the service industry, you sell an emotional connection. That seems hard to do by text descriptions, right? Thankfully, videos can remedy that. An effective video marketing strategy can nurture an emotional connection between you and your customers. When they see your hotel’s facilities, the workers and the happy customers through your video, it will touch their hearts and see what you have to offer. Of course, it matters how your videos are done and that’s why you need to work on it.

4.    It Builds Trust

Showing to your customers what your business is all about is crucial. It is what builds your relationship and trust. In the service industry, it is extremely important that there is transparency. Since your customers are remote, there isn’t an easy way for them to see how your business is. A video would be extremely useful for that. Here are 3 vital tips that can help you use visual content to build trust with your customers:

  •         Never be confrontational, so leave your competition out of the video.
  •         Always be authentic, as honesty is the best way to breed trust.
  •         Put happy customers as your brand advocates.

5.    Optimizes Reach and Awareness

Videos have incredible shareability and popularity. Just look at the views on your favorite YouTube videos and the number of times they are shared on various social media platforms. With videos, you have greater reach not only within your niche but sometimes even further than that. On that note, one hotel that does amazing in making a shareable video is Marriot with their “it pays to book direct” campaign. The vid’s humor stood up and that made the hotel stand out.

6.    Amplifies Your Marketing Message

You have your website, blog, Facebook page, plus many other marketing strategies, except videos. Now, if you want to boost your marketing messaging, you can’t skip on using videos as one of your main tactics. It is incredibly efficient in amplifying your marketing strategy. With the limited attention span that a person has when it comes to texts, adding videos prove to hold it enough to get across your message.

7.    Delivers Incredible Results

If all the reasons mentioned above didn’t convince you, how about what the statistics say? Videos deliver incredible results with 9 out of 10 marketers landing a new customer. With that number, you can see that videos will bring more customers to your hotel. Your landing page will have an increased conversion rate that will lead to more significant numbers in other aspects of your business. With how useful videos are, you cannot afford to miss it in your marketing campaign.

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