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How To Shoot A Hotel Promo Video For Marketing

The rise of internet marketing and social media had huge impacts on different industries, including the hospitality sector of hotels and restaurants. Using multiple online channels, communication between hotels and their guests has become more effective.

One of the significant developments in hotel marketing is the use of videos to attract new customers. If you can make the right hotel videos, you can quickly generate more sales and achieve a more prominent profile in the industry.

It doesn’t matter if you’re going to unveil a brand new facility or announce a special offer for your guests, video is the best medium for you since it helps people know about what they can expect from you and why they should choose you over your competitors.

The Importance Of Promotional Videos For Hotel Marketing

More and more people now use their mobile devices, like smartphones and tablets, to do travel research. Such devices have limited screen spaces, and it would be a hassle to read texts using them.

Texts are the standard in traditional marketing, but since consumer behavior has changed, it’s essential to keep up and provide them what they need. Videos catch the attention of your potential customers more effectively since they’re far easier to watch using mobile devices.

Aside from the comfort that videos bring to consumers, they also show purchase intent. Yes, you heard it right. A consumer only watches a travel video, including those about hotels and accommodations when they have plans to take a trip. Videos help your potential customers narrow down their options, and it’s the reason why you have to avoid a mediocre hotel video marketing strategy, but rather come up with one that’s going to connect with your prospects on a truly personal level; the ultimate guide in this website can be of great help.

It makes sense to conclude that videos can help consumers decide which hotel to stay in when they’re visiting a specific place. It all boils down to who can provide the best video. And sometimes, the only hotel with a video to show wins.

No doubt, hotel promotional videos should be an essential part of your overall marketing strategy. Thus, here are some tips to shoot a hotel promo video:

1. Focus On Quality

If there’s something that’ll serve as your guests’ first experience of your establishment, it’s the video that you’re going to share in social media networks and other platforms online. No doubt, video is crucial for the success of your hotel.

That said, you have to come up with a polished and masterful one. Your promotional videos should go all out since this isn’t the time to hold back or cut corners. Look at every detail and make sure that each one of them showcases the very best in your hotel.

Aside from ensuring that the content of your video looks excellent, you also have to make it sound great. Thus, source the best music track you can find out there. If you have to pay for one, then do it. Always remember, though, that you have to avoid utilizing a piece of music when you don’t have a license to use it. Doing so will render you having some copyright infringement issues that may damage the reputation of your business.

2. Use A Mix Of Paid, Owned, And Earned Visuals

The most engaging and the most viewed type of videos in the hospitality industry are travel vlogs. What that means for you is that you can tap influencers online to generate content about your hotel.

Once the video starts to spark shares, you can then use it as a targeted social advertisement. You can also organize guest contests, like taking the best selfies at any place in your hotel, to generate photos and convert them into a compelling video for your potential customers, with all the music and special effects to make it more engaging.

3. Starting With A Strong Introduction Is Crucial

The introductory seconds of the promotional video you’re going to share online should grab the attention of your viewers immediately. The online world is a fast-paced environment, and consumers don’t want to wait around.

That said, you have to instantly hook them and catch their attention right at the beginning so you could make them stay and watch your video all the way through. Intrigue your viewers right from the start by talking about the significant selling points of your hotel.

Putting your best foot forward in your introduction means that it shouldn’t only be visually appealing but also novel and inspires emotion.

4. Set Yourself Apart From Your Competitors

A promotional video is the best chance you could get to let people know why your hotel is unique. Ask yourself what sets your establishment apart from your competitors and make sure to highlight those things in your video.

Do you have a strategic location that makes other amenities in town accessible? Do you offer the best cuisine? Does your hotel have the most luxurious facilities and the most passionate and helpful staff?

Think about why your hotel stands out and what’s in it that’ll encourage guests to keep coming back for more. Gather all your greatest assets and turn them into one hotel video that’s going to blow the minds of your potential customers.

5. Don’t Forget To Include Call-To-Actions

It’s easy for your customers to get distracted, even if they’ve already delved in your video and have watched almost fifty percent of it.

That said, you have to help them move by including a call-to-action (CTA) in your video. The CTA can be a booking link and should contain simple anchor texts, like “Book Now” and “Check Availability.”


As a whole, the hotel industry benefits from video marketing. It makes a huge difference especially since it allows the industry to connect with prospects on a truly personal level.

As experts keep on saying, if you want to gain the trust of your customers, you have to build a personal relationship with them. Promotional videos can help you achieve it. There are many ways to shoot a hotel promo video for marketing, but if you incorporate the things discussed above, video marketing will surely work for you.

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