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The Role Innovative Technology Will Play In The Hospitality Industry Post Covid

The years 2020 and 2021 are an eye-opener for the hospitality industry, things can change fast and only those who innovate can survive such difficult times. Innovation and technology play a major role in recovery and those who do not wish to innovate with changing times perish.

The post covid world will look for safer ways to communicate and interact with each other. Now, hotels that use technology to boost their customer confidence will surpass their competitors and will win back those customers who are looking for security and safer ways to interact with each other.

Why is technology innovation required post covid?

With people still recovering from strict lockdown restrictions that were in place, social distancing, use of masks and sanitizers, etc. The way they interact and communicate has changed. People are more comfortable in touchless interactions and they prefer to avoid close contact while opting for a stay in a hotel. So, hotels must upgrade themselves as per the changed customer needs to win back their confidence and get the staff trained as per the new requirement.

With markets slowly opening and people again starting to travel for their summer vacations, hotels must prepare for a pleasant and safe stay for their guests. Contactless check-in and check-out, room service, parking area, housekeeping, etc. need a technology upgrade. Now, instead of manual work, more operations require to be automated. There must be a real-time flow of information between the departments to avoid any backlog or miscommunication which can, in turn, spoil the guest experience and stay.

New technology trends that hotelier’s need to follow

In the present scenario, recovery is the key focus for most businesses. For the hospitality industry recovery will be boosted by using innovative technology like:

  • Turn to a cloud hotel solution.
  • Adopt touchless tech.
  • Manage your channels better.
  • Adopt mobile hotel solutions.
  • Choose user-friendly and advanced systems that offer a complete solution.

Turn to a cloud hotel solution: It’s time to move away from the legacy-based systems in your hotel. A cloud-based hotel management solution is what is required for the hotels to automate daily tasks, train staff, centralized reservation system, update rates and inventory in real-time, and make informed business decisions.

Adopt touchless tech: Post covid touchless technology is what hotels need to implement as guests are more concerned about their safety and they want minimal interaction while check-in and check-out, they want their stay to be peaceful away from the fear of getting any infections. Hotelogix PMS comes with an advanced Automated Coaching Engine A.C.E, which is an in-built feature exclusively available within the software. It helps in staff training and certification and helps hoteliers in training and development of their staff members. With A.C.E you can help your staff get trained on the cloud-based PMS and automate all manual operations and tasks involved in day-to-day working. It also helps them in getting certified which enhances their efficiency and employability. Thus, going touchless is what hotels require now.

Manage your channel better: Channel management is another area that needs to be automated to avoid losses and increase market reach. Updating rates and inventory in real-time is a must for hotels to avoid losses due to overbooking and underbooking. An advanced channel manager helps to manage prices, inventory, bookings across all online channels in real-time.

Adopt mobile hotel solutions: Power of mobility helps increase efficiency and gives more control in managing daily operations and tasks. It also speeds up housekeeping operations and with a smart mobile PMS, you can speed up check-ins, check-outs, manage multiple POS outlets efficiently and get access to actionable reports from the convenience of your smartphone.

Choose user-friendly and advanced systems that offer a complete solution: While upgrading technology and hotel management systems make sure, they are user-friendly, easy to operate, integrate with other systems, have customer support available, support multiple languages and currencies, and can give centralized access with a single dashboard for better visibility. Thus, while selecting a hotel system go for a full-stack hospitality solution for your hotel business.

What makes Hotelogix a good choice?

Hotelogix offers a full-stack hospitality solution that gives the following advantages:

  • Next-generation capability to manage and automate daily operations.
  • Centralize all operations and manage from a single dashboard.
  • Update inventory and prices in real-time and get more booking via OTAs.
  • Effectively train staff and get them certified with exclusive features A.C.E. available with our all-in-one property management system.
  • Take informed business decisions.
  • Get the most advanced mobile PMS App for mobility and easy access 24*7.
  • Manage multiple POS outlets from a single dashboard.
  • Also get 24*7 customer support.

Instead of sticking with multiple platforms to run your hotel, or choosing a lower-quality hotel PMS, it’s time to get serious and upgrade to new technology and innovative techniques for a safer guest stay and experience. Our cloud-based property management system comes with an all-in-one solution for all your hotel needs. At present, our PMS is used in 135+ countries, and by 1500+ satisfied customers all over the globe. We offer our clients a complete hospitality solution for all their business needs. So, upgrade today and use the most advanced technology to get your business on track and increase profits.

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