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How to improve your hotel marketing (and why)?

Are you looking for ways to improve your hotel marketing strategy? If so, you are not alone. With the ever-growing competition in the hospitality industry, hotel marketing has never been this important. It can be incredibly challenging for your hotel to stand out in a competitive market without a well-crafted marketing strategy. But how do you bolster your hotel marketing campaign?

There are a few ways to improve your hotel marketing strategy. Although these techniques have varied approaches, they have a common reliance on reliable customer data. Every successful marketing strategy is built on top-quality information from interactions with the market and customers.

Unfortunately, business data stream from multiple touchpoints and come in different shapes and sizes, making it relatively challenging to manage and realize its full potential. That’s why you need a customer data platform.

How Does a Customer Data Platform Help Improve Your Hotel Marketing Strategy?

Before we get into how a customer data platform helps improve your hotel marketing strategy, we must first understand what it is. So, what is a customer data platform?

A customer data platform is software businesses use to create a unified customer database. The platform collects data from different touchpoints, cleans it and creates a single customer profile available to every system within the business. Your hotel marketing department can use this platform to access structured data to derive actionable insights for enhancing their marketing strategies.

How a Customer Data Platform Improves Hotel Marketing

Eliminates Data Silos and Promotes Unified Customer Accounts

A customer data platform breaks down and transforms fragmented customer information into valuable, actionable data that automatically updates every time a customer interacts with your business. In other words, it stitches together different touchpoints to create a unified picture of customer accounts. That helps enhance your hotel marketing strategy by:

  • Facilitating accurate data analysis.
  • Providing intelligent insights that facilitate the use of customer data for sophisticated marketing strategies.

Facilitates Personalized Marketing

A customer data platform can also help you improve your personalized marketing campaigns. As you already know, personalized marketing utilizes data to connect with target audiences and provide optimized marketing experiences.

With a customer data platform, your hotel marketing team can collect data and identify customer patterns, which facilitates the realignment of ad targeting based on real-time data.

In a Nutshell

A customer data platform is crucial in eliminating data silos, enhancing personalized marketing and improving the overall revenue flow to your hotel. Visit Selligent today to learn more about how a customer data platform can revolutionize your hotel marketing strategy.

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