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How To Use Signature Aromas As A Brand Cue For Your Hotel

There are all sorts of angles that hotels can exploit for marketing purposes, and one of the most often-overlooked aspects is scent.

We may be used to the idea that high-end accommodation has a signature aroma attached, but this is also a strategy that can be used in any hospitality context to establish and reinforce the overall brand identity.

To unpick this in more detail, let’s talk about how different hotels around the world lead guests by the nose and turn sweet smells to their advantage, not just for customer satisfaction but for brand recognition.

The Ritz-Carlton, Shanghai – The Power of Scent Unleashed

In order to differentiate their hotel from competitors, the Ritz-Carlton has developed a signature aroma known as Black Orchid, which is featured at multiple locations in Shanghai, as well as across the rest of the continent.

Having a distinct scent that is used throughout each property makes sense as a means of evoking a sense of place, which is exactly what this combination of warm spiced notes achieves.

It’s meant to evoke feelings of relaxation and luxury for guests, and serves as an olfactory cue that helps create familiarity with past visitors, while also providing something special during each stay experience.

Furthermore, this particular smell has been thoughtfully crafted so it is not overpowering but just noticeable enough so it acts as a subliminal reminder that guests are staying at one of the world’s most iconic hotel chains.

As you can see, this is a scent which the brand even sells to those who want to use it in domestic spaces, so it could be a good strategy to buy some to use if you’re planning to move soon, and are looking into online home loan application options. Suffusing your interior spaces with a scent that’s usually found in high-end hotels could help win over prospective buyers through a bit of subliminal suggestion.

Four Seasons Hotel George V, Paris– Establishing Luxury Through Aroma

At the iconic Four Seasons Hotel George V Paris, marketers are utilizing sweet yet woody notes to create an atmosphere of sophistication. The property has made use of France’s long history of perfumeries to develop a scent that’s perfectly capable of evoking feelings of luxury and elegance, which is exactly what you’d expect from such a venerable establishment.

Crucially, this fragrance is used throughout the hotel, from in-room amenities to lobby areas. This is something that other marketers will need to consider and replicate in their own efforts, because of course you want consistency when moving through interior spaces.

You also need to be aware of how your signature scent works in combination with any other aromas that will be present. For instance, you might even want to ensure that it complements, rather than clashes with, aromas that are present in any toiletries and gifts that are provided for guests in their rooms.

The Peninsula, Tokyo – Adopting an Ambiance with Aromatherapy

Few hotel operators have gone as far as the Peninsula group, with bespoke fragrances designed for individual locations, including its flagship Tokyo hotel.

This applies to the amenities, as well as to the public areas, where care and attention have been given to ensure that local resources and cultures are reflected appropriately.

The boutique approach to branding through aromas can be used by other hotels that want to put their branded stamp on the guest experience, as it has clearly paid off here.

Final Thoughts

The main takeaway is that you shouldn’t underestimate the role that scents can play in imprinting memories on hotel customers, and so a signature aroma is a powerful branding tool worth exploring.

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