Monday, July 22, 2019

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10 Content Writing Clichés To Avoid

A regular column by the content writing experts World Words.

5 Ways Psychology Can Help Grow Hotel Gift Voucher Sales

Gift giving, is it really an unselfish act of kindness? Apparently not, if you agree with various studies that have been conducted into the psychology of the reasons...

PPC – should hotels bid on their own brand?

There is an ongoing debate about whether hotels should bid on their own brand name. While many hotels have seen the benefits and bought into the idea...

Five Top Content Editing Tips for Hotels

A regular column by the content writing experts World Words.

New Course Helps Travel and Hospitality Startups Get Noticed

A new email course launched this week to help startups stand out in the increasingly crowded and competitive online travel industry. How To Get Your Travel Startup Noticed...

The Hotel Marketing Ecosystem

Hotel marketing is constantly evolving. Yearly, monthly, weekly, even daily. It's more and more challenging for hotel marketing teams to keep on top of the various elements within...

How could metasearch evolve from price comparison to product comparison?

A recent article by Tnooz suggested it’s time for travel metasearch to evolve. But what should this evolution look like? On the one hand, the industry has made...

Why Every Hotel Needs an Editorial Calendar

When creating online travel content, it is tempting to come up with brand new ideas as you go along. After all, travel is all about spontaneity; it's...

Odysys announces official launch

Odysys is pleased to announce that the company is now out of beta. Odysys is a digital marketing platform that fills a crucial need in the hospitality industry:...

From the wrong currency to lack of pictures: why hotel booking systems fail to convert

Triptease, the company dedicated to helping hotels increase direct bookings, has revealed a list of eight things that hotels could do to improve online reservations. Top of...

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