Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Hotel Marketing


Hoteliers Should Stop Spending Money on Digital

Stop spending money on digital… or at least humour me and start to think about it. Start listening to yourself, an experienced hotelier, someone who has been involved in the...

How to Create Guest Personas Using Google Analytics

Supercharging your conversion rate by analysing large chunks of data can be a tough nut to crack. How do you convert all that data into the kind...

The Growing Importance of Travel & Tourism to the Global Economy [infographic]

The ever increasing importance of the travel and tourism industry to the global economy is summarised in this excellent infographic from Mario Skrzypczak, Sales and Marketing Manager...

How to Increase Bookings With Colour Psychology

Colour influences our perception. It can change the way we think and feel about things. For example, studies show that yellow stimulates appetite, whereas blue suppresses it. Darker...

10 Content Writing Clichés To Avoid

A regular column by the content writing experts World Words.

5 Ways Psychology Can Help Grow Hotel Gift Voucher Sales

Gift giving, is it really an unselfish act of kindness? Apparently not, if you agree with various studies that have been conducted into the psychology of the reasons...

PPC – should hotels bid on their own brand?

There is an ongoing debate about whether hotels should bid on their own brand name. While many hotels have seen the benefits and bought into the idea...

Five Top Content Editing Tips for Hotels

A regular column by the content writing experts World Words.

New Course Helps Travel and Hospitality Startups Get Noticed

A new email course launched this week to help startups stand out in the increasingly crowded and competitive online travel industry. How To Get Your Travel Startup Noticed...

The Hotel Marketing Ecosystem

Hotel marketing is constantly evolving. Yearly, monthly, weekly, even daily. It's more and more challenging for hotel marketing teams to keep on top of the various elements within...

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