Wednesday, May 22, 2024

HotelRunner Introduces The Sales-first, Unified Property Management System At No Additional Cost To Businesses

HotelRunner, the world’s leading travel technology platform, has taken a major step towards facilitating access to technology for all types of accommodation with the development of HotelRunner PMS (Property Management System): an innovation that will accelerate the digital transformation of the global tourism industry.

The new powerful HotelRunner PMS – which is fully integrated with all the products and services offered by HotelRunner as well as third-party applications – is designed to meet all the requirements of a hotelier, from daily operations to high-level needs and requests, for no additional cost.

All features of the Property Management System have been developed with consideration for the sales and profitability of every aspect of an accommodation business, from the front desk and cashier operations, to housekeeping and guest relations.

Aiming to digitalise the tourism and accommodation industries with a suite of dedicated products and services, HotelRunner is on its way to becoming the world’s leading one-stop-shop service provider, focused on increasing revenues of businesses of all size with its growing product range.

Working with more than 41,000 properties; thousands of agencies, and partners from 193 countries, HotelRunner has been bringing partners together with cost-efficient and high-level technology for a decade.

Cihan Coşkuntuncel, Director of Supply Partnerships at HotelRunner, commented on the new member of the HotelRunner product family: “Businesses operating throughout the global tourism and accommodation industries continue to face unprecedented challenges. For HotelRunner, it was vital we remain committed and focused on investing in technology and innovation. As a result of years of planning, we are taking firm steps forward in offering an inclusive solution supported by high-level technology to all our partners, especially our properties.

“We have made significant progress on our ambition to deliver a solution to all the needs of our partners on a single platform at an affordable price. Our next goal is to introduce HotelRunner PMS to our network of over 41,000 properties and to complete their operational transformation without any additional costs. HotelRunner PMS is a perfect solution, especially for small and medium-sized properties looking to manage their operations effectively using a digital system.”

Yiğit Can Bacakoğlu, Director of Technology at HotelRunner, said: “Having spent ten years providing our partners with world-leading tourism technology we have acquired unparalleled insight into the challenges and requirements of accommodation businesses of all size. Through this insight, and our own personal industry experience, we have been able to develop HotelRunner PMS: a user-friendly, all-inclusive, customizable, cost-effective, and intuitive Property Management System. We are proud to meet all the requirements of a property on our platform, which we currently support with numerous products and services.”

Leading the digital transformation of the tourism industry with its strategic partnerships worldwide; innovative products and services, and industrial experience, HotelRunner aims to increase the sales and profitability of accommodation properties with the brand new and powerful next generation HotelRunner PMS, expanding its dealer network and increasing its registered the properties to 50,000 by the end of the year.

HotelRunner PMS pre-launch

HotelRunner PMS was pre-released to a limited audience of 1,200 properties from 32 countries. The success of this launch coupled with growing demand has seen this comprehensive Property Management System launched for global use.

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HotelRunner is a cloud-based digital marketing and online sales management platform for hotels and travel agencies, helping them obtain a tailored and efficient online presence. HotelRunner, helps hotels and travel agencies to go online from offline while creating innovative sales channels via state of the art technologies and enabling users to achieve higher recognition in international markets, broader customer outreach, and higher profitability. Once connected, HotelRunner automates inventory distribution, maximizes direct channel revenues, and boosts profit margins. HotelRunner is the platform for online sales, management and digital marketing activities for hotels, daily rentals and travel agencies.

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